A new project for young people has been launched in Rivne region

27 March 2018, Author: INCGC

The Center for Professional Guidance and Counselling was created through the program “Increasing the competitiveness of graduates in the labor markets of Ukraine and Belarus through the creation of a cross-border network of university centers for professional and career counselling”. Cross-border cooperation Belarus Ukraine program together with Lutsk National Technical University, Francisk Skorina Gomel State University, O.S. Pushkin Brest State University implement this project and it is financed by the European Union. After registering and testing there, senior students and students can get a thorough analysis of their own psychological features and a list of the most suitable professions.

“The Center is open in the framework of scientific research and is due to the grant provided by the European Union. The sum of 290 thousand euro was received by four educational institutions. Most of the funds, about 80 percent, belong to Ostroh Academy, since we are the main executors of this program. The process of obtaining a grant was difficult, but it was even more difficult to go through all stages and to establish this information center. The EU checks our activities on this about every two or three weeks. And it is especially gratifying that, after the last inspection, the experts noted the high level of performance of our employees. The facility is equipped with the latest software which is the highlight of the center. It allows young people to undergo detailed testing. I also want to note that on the basis of the center we will train representatives of other educational institutions as well, so that such an initiative could spread throughout Ukraine. Such professional guidance work will enable young people to be more competitive on the modern labor market”, - emphasizes Ihor PASICHNYK, the rector of the National University" Ostroh Academy ".

The appearance of such a professional guidance center was preceded by a period of hard work with documentation:

“The specialists of the international department of our university worked together with the experts from partner universities to create a project application. We jointly arranged this project and submitted the required list to the territorial programme of the Eastern Partnership of the European Union. The project is ultimately aimed at raising the living standards of local communities by improving the competitiveness of university graduates. The program works for the benefit of both young people and the community as a whole,” notes Eduard BALASHOV, Head of the Department of International Cooperation and Fundraising of the National University of Ostroh Academy.

The test results will not only allow students to learn more about their talents, but will also be useful during an interview with the employer:

“Upon completion of the testing, everyone will receive detailed conclusions. This document will contain psychological features and skills, so it can be used as a resume. I want to note that our center is mobile, so we can do tests in other educational institutions. In addition, we plan to conduct a series of professional guidance activities: seminars and workshops, consultations, etc. It is also planned to create an Internet portal, a computer database of senior students and graduates who have completed professional orientation instruction. In addition, the program executors will continuously inform employers about the graduates' career potential”, explains Mariana NECHYPORUK, head of the Center for Professional Guidance and Counselling of the National University of Ostroh Academy.

The Center for Professional Guidance and Counselling will have 16 certified career advisers:

“We pay attention primarily to personality: ability, psychological characteristics, so later then we can provide the necessary advice: which specialty to choose or which personal traits to develop in order to effectively carry out their work in the future. Also, we can advise the directors of secondary schools, which profile classes are more appropriate to organize. We have already received similar appeals,” says consultant Ivanna HORBACH.

Incidentally, despite the fact that counseling can take more than an hour, it is not difficult to take a test:

– - Software developed by Ukrainian programmers does not require additional skills from users. The interface is simple and understandable. Fragmentation of the test results is impossible, says programmer Mykola ZUBENKO.

By the way, the first visitors of the Center for professional guidance and counseling of Ostroh Academy were immediately tested after the opening.

Oleksandr Shevchuk

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