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Project is aimed to solve following problems:

Unconsciously choosing their future profession and speciality of studying which does not meet the basic competencies of applicants.

The marks are the only tools of evaluation of the graduates’ level of professional competency in a modern system of higher education in Ukraine and Belarus and this situation cannot be seen as the right one. The value of the tests for employers is very low.

With a general devaluation of the ratings role in diplomas employers do not have other objective tools for comparison among candidates for their position on the level of their professional competence and qualification. CV databases for recruitment agencies are usually designed for people with work experience. CV templates which can be found on most of the agencies websites do not allow graduates to exploit their potential.

The Center of professional and career guidance

The consultations of pupils and students

Excess to reliable tools of professional diagnostics

Workshops and lectures about professional guidance

Writing a resume

Identifying graduates’ and students’ own competencies

Professional and career guidance of applicants and graduates

Informing employers about graduates’ career potential by organization’s work

Excess to database of resumes via the Internet


The aim of our project is to creat infrastructure for professional and technical management of the students and graduates at the Universities-partners, which will ensure development of professional and careerself-identification of the graduates, the objective proofs and presentation of their professional competencies for the employers at the labour market of Ukraine and Belarus.

Increase of competitiveness of the graduates at the labour marker of Ukraine and Belarus will help to increase the living conditions of the local communities by decreasing the level of tension on the labour market, improve the system of professional and vocational education for the pupils of secondary schools,increase the efficiency of the empoyers' organizations by hiring the best graduates who possess the instruments for efficient demonstration of their skills.


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International network of career guidance centers (INCGC)

Nowadays youth and graduates of universities in general are one of the most vulnerable groups in the labour market: the level of unemployment among youth is getting higher (almost 57% according to the statistics); there is a big number of graduates who do not work according to their speciality (35-60%); they spend a great deal of their time looking for their first job (from 3 to 9 months). Apart from that, such situation seems to be more unfavourable to female graduates. Such tendencies are not new for Ukraine and Belarus as well as for the EU which has a number of initiatives regarding employment and youth career growth.
The aim of our project is to create an infrastructure of professional and technical management of students and graduates in partner universities that will provide development of graduates’ professional and career self-identification, objective proofs and presentation of their professional competencies to the employers in the labour market in Ukraine and Belarus. The advancement of graduates’ competitiveness in the labour market in Ukraine and Belarus will promote the improvement of local communities standard of living by reducing tension in the labour market; improve the system of professional and technical education of middle school pupils; enhance the effectiveness of employers by hiring the most competent graduates who have the best abilities to show their professional skills.


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The National University of Ostroh Academy

Address: Seminarska st. 2, Ostroh, Rivne region, Ukraine, 35800

Lutsk National Technical University

Address: Lvivska st. 75, Lutsk, Volyn region, Ukraine, 43000

Francisk Skorina Gomel State University

Address: Radianska st. 104, Homel 246019, Belarus

O. S. Pushkin Brest State University

Address: Kosmonavtiv Blvd. 21, Brest, 224016, Belarus

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Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation (EaPTC)

The EaPTC program addresses the problems of local / regional development of the border areas. Key interested parties: state agencies and private organizations with opportunities to develop and implement territorial cooperation projects.


The main tasks of The Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine are:

To promote political and economic ties between Ukraine and the European Union by maintaining an effective dialogue with government institutions and raising awareness of the European Union, its institutions and programs;

To monitor the implementation of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between Ukraine and the EU;

To inform the public about the development of the European Union, explain and defend certain aspects of EU policy;

To participate in the implementation of EU external assistance programs.


Deutsche Gesellschaft for Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH supports Ukraine on behalf of the Federal Government of Germany on the path to democratic transformation since 1993. Approximately in 20 settlements around Ukraine over 350 national and foreign experts represent GIZ. In addition, more than 30 integrated and reintegrated experts work directly with the Ukrainian authorities, chambers of commerce and industry, universities and non-governmental organizations. Since 2009, GIZ has a bureau in Kyiv.